FINALLY! A Program any stylist can use to get exactly what is needed. The Hairstylist Accelerator Program Will Give You The Confidence and Skills Needed To Earn Money Behind The Chair To Feel Comfortable Serving Any Client That Walks In The Salon Door. Master What Matters After Passing your State Exam. If You Have Less Than 5 yrs Experience This Is For You!

Master What Matters In Loris  Fun Yet Proven Digital Hairstylist Accelerator Program 


  • No Tech Skills Needed To Access, Can Be Accessed Quickly From A Smartphone, Computer, Laptop Or Touchpad!
  • MODERN Training Videos That Are Actually Fun So You Actually Want To Watch And Learn From them!
  • Watch As Your Skills Accelerate Day By Day, As You Do Each Module Fully, & Watch Clients Come Back To You While Also Referring Their Friends!
  • Learn Step-By-Step From Lori Fudens, A Hairstylist Who Is Also A Salon Owner And Large Color, and Business Brand Educator, As Well As Other Amazing Industry Icons. 
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Lori Fuden’s
Success Guarantee

If within 150 days

the Hairstylist Accelerator Program doesn’t:

1. Get you to a point where you are earning $2,500 a month/$30k+ a year...

2. Make you feel like you are actually improving your hairstyling skills & feeling way more confidant, after completing at least through Section 2, …

You get a full refund NO QUESTIONS ASKED if you ask for a refund within 150 days of purchase. Why am I willing to offer you such a bold guarantee? Because this is the same training system I use in my own wildly successful Redken-Elite Certified Salon to train others and have tested & proven this system in order to make it available for new cosmetologists. 

Here's What You Get With The
Hairstylist Accelerator:

#1. 15 Modules That Include Dozens Of Self-Guided Training Videos, Demos & Checklists
($2,997 value)

With this self-guided digital training and checklist, you will watch training videos I personally created, As well as other professionals,  demonstrate activities, read directions, see examples, and are pointed to exact resources for a skill to practice so you can MASTER WHAT MATTERS. 

But you don’t just watch, you do actions, or demos to practice things such as fundamentals, or advanced design and coloring techniques that you will need to know about. The magic happens when you send your before and after pictures/videos or videos to me or your mentor, in each training module. 

From there your video gets checked out, which will confirm your move to the next action. Any quick corrections can be addressed exactly & quickly by your mentor or me. 

That means within 150 days you can learn techniques that took me years of failure to learn. Build your clientele, increase foundation & skills, and feel WAY MORE  confident to handle any client who walks in the door. Below you can see what exactly I’ll show you in this training path.

MODULE 1 – Preparing For The Floor

In Module 1 - Preparing For The Floor, I’ll be covering best practices on Salon Introduction, Guest Interaction, Social Media & Networking Introduction, as well as introducing you to some of my Best Business Practices.

MODULE 2 – Who and Why

In Module 2, I’ll be discussing The Big Why, Daily Setup and Planning, and Social Media Deep Dive. The "Who" and "Why" are so important to your success. I’m excited for you to start this journey!

MODULE 3 – Services & Beyond

In Module 3, I’ll be covering best practices for Service Add-ons like Facial Waxing and Treatments, as well as Planning and Follow Up. In addition, you’ll uncover why services and follow-up have the power to make or break your success as a hairstylist.

MODULE 4 – Pricing & Protocol

Module 4 - Pricing & Protocol is all about Researching and Discovering the policy for Your Pricing and New Client Protocol.

MODULE 5 – Consultation & Introduction to Color

In Module 5, I’ll be covering the Best Practices of Consultations and introducing you to Color Theory, Foundation, and Principles, as well as teaching you How to Read Color Charts.

MODULE 6 - Design & Cutting Theory

In Module 6, you will learn the principles of hairstyling basics, the three parts to any haircut or hairstyle, and how to do head-turning hairstyles like ponytails, layers, beachy waves, and more!

MODULE 7 - Product Knowledge, Braids, Blowouts & Bridal

In this module, you will discover the “When, Why, and How” you should be using certain products. It Doesnt matter what brand you use.  You will also learn about the 5 basic braid types and the 5 basic brushes and how to use them in blow-drying and bridal updos.

MODULE 8 - Textured Hair Introduction

In this module, you’ll learn the different types of textured hair types and the best practices on how to style each one.

MODULE 9 - Color & Blonding Introduction

In this module, you’ll learn about the color wheel, color theory, “pre-treatments” before a chemical service, AND/OR color to remove buildup on hair, decolorizer bleaches, and different types of dye. You’ll also master toning and shades!

MODULE 10 - Highlights, Foils & Balayage

In this module, you’ll discover the basics for full foil application, foil retouch, balayage, as well as the three common balayage mistakes to avoid at all costs.

MODULE 11 - Color Correction, PH & Bonders

In Module 11, you’ll learn the difference between oxidative color, acidic color, and direct dye temporary color. You’ll also understand why bonders are used or added in color correction, as well as the building blocks of color correction.

MODULE 12 - Straightening, Keratin & Brazilian Smoothing

In this module, you’ll learn about the two straightening services we offer and why this service is so unique. You’ll also become Brazilain blowout certified and discover how to do a Keratin smoothing “blowout” service.

MODULE 13 - Double Process Blondes, Vivids & Blur

In this module, you’ll learn the difference between traditional versus modern virgin applications. You’ll also learn how to create bold vivids and how to do the blur techniques.

MODULE 14 - Teasy Lights, Foliage, Ombre & Sombre

In module 14, you’ll learn the specific techniques for ombre, sombre, teasy lights, and foliage.

MODULE 15 - Cutting Tools & Texture Waves

In this module, you’ll learn when and why to use certain cutting tools such as a wide-tooth comb, a fine-tooth comb, texturizing and thinning shears, a feather razor, clippers with guards, trimmers, and an electric gold foil shaver. You’ll also learn about Texture waves( perms) and the best practices to ensure successful perms.
2. A Proven Consultation System That Will Get You More Repeat Bookings
($397 value)


In addition to dozens of self-guided training videos, Lessons, and checklists to do in order, you’ll also have access to my proven consultation system to easily create a custom hair plan for your new clients.

You’ll get more positive reviews with it and much happier clients, you know, the kind who like to refer their friends!

This is the same consultation system I use in my own salon, and everyone who works at my salon uses it. It's like our secret sauce. Enough said.

3. One Hour Of Weekly Group Coaching With Me ($592 value)

I know you have questions. That’s why I offer one hour of weekly group coaching FOR FREE to all my students.

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and talk to a person who changed history? Well, this is as close as it gets.

I might not have changed history but I can change the trajectory of your career path and get you to $30,000+ a year in no time. These coaching sessions will help you get to that point and beyond much faster with DIrect access for weekly LIVE group Q & A time as well as access to previous recordings. 

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Lori Fuden’s Hairstylist Success Guarantee


If within 150 days the Hairstylist Accelerator Program doesn’t:

#1. Get you to a point where you are earning $2,500 a month/$30k+ a year...

#2. Make you feel like you are actually improving your hairstyling skills…

You get a full refund NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Why am I willing to offer you such a bold guarantee? 



What You’re Going To Get:

  • (Hairstylist Accelerator Program ($2,997 Value) 
  • (My Proven Hairstylist Consultation System) ($397 Value)
  • (1 Hour Of Free Weekly Group Coaching For A Year) ($7,897 Value)

  • Bonus #1: A year of free access to my Private Facebook Group for you to network in and to keep yourself accountable ($97 value)

  • PLUS NEVER seen before Video Lessons from Special Influencers and ICONS in the beauty Industry. (Priceless)

  • Bonus #2 150-Day ‚Äč Stylist Success Increase Promise or a Money-Back Guarantee (Priceless)

Normal Price: $11,983

Today Only: $497

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Don’t Take Our Word For It.
See What Hair Stylists Say About


"I love every single one of these classes.  I totally feel like I'm going to make more money from what I've gotten from her classes. She answers every single one of the questions that we all have. And I can totally see myself making a bunch of more money every single year."

"I wanted to go back to doing hair because I missed it but I did feel comfortable enough and confident in my skill. So then I found Lori and saw that she was doing this training program and I just came and I have just improved my skills all around like I make more money than I ever thought I was going to at this time of my life. I feel comfortable doing any sort of client that comes into my chair because she just does like a well rounded training on everything and anything."


Frequently Asked Questions

If You Just Skipped To The Bottom
Of This Page, Here’s The Deal…

The Hairstylist Accelerator Program is a compilation of my 30 years of learning and teaching. Inside the Hairstylist Accelerator Program, I share best practices to give you a true “bridge program” to accelerate your knowledge and skill, and confidence faster and easier.

When you access this program, you won’t have to spend months or even years learning the ins and outs of hair and making money at a salon. You’ll learn it in just 150 days or less, I guarantee it.

My guarantee actually has a name, I call it the Lori Fuden’s  Hairstylist Success Guarantee. If within 150 days of accessing the Hairstylist Accelerator Program you don’t start earning over two thousand five hundred dollars a month, and if within 150 days and through Module 9 you don’t feel like it’s helping you, you don’t have to pay to use it.

(You get a full refund  if you ask for a refund within 150 days of purchase.) If you’re ready to make an investment in yourself and in just 150 days get to a point where you’re earning at least thirty thousand dollars a year, click the button below, you have no risk!

Put yourself on the fast track to becoming the hairstylist you’re meant to be by clicking the button below. See you in there!

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